Subcommittee, Working Groups


Subcommittee activities are being planned with a view to industrialization by 2025. We also welcome the establishment of subcommittees from users’ perspectives.

Applications of Quantum Wave and Quantum Probability Theory

Tasked with exploring the creation of new industries using quantum amplitude estimation and optimization, starting with the financial sector, which has a close affinity with these technologies.
We welcome those who are willing to discuss with us the creation of industries that will become pillars of the industry or industries that span multiple industries.

Applications of Quantum Superposition

Tasked with taking a broad view of the systems, services, and businesses created by the application of quantum superposition, the most important capability of quantum computers. It will also examine changes in existing industries and industry structures that will result. By collaborating with users and vendors to envision a future society, the aim is to create new industries that will become future pillars and mainstays of industry, and that span multiple industries.

Combinatorial Optimization Problem

Tasked with using new computing technology (Ising Machine, i.e., quantum annealing technology or quantum inspired technology) to solve various problems facing industry (by almost instantaneously selecting the optimum solution from among an enormous number of combinations in areas such as real-time prediction, efficiency and combinatorial optimization).

Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Communications

Tasked with examining the business use of quantum cryptography communication, an already available technology. We welcome those who are willing to discuss with us a future pioneered by communications that theoretically guarantee information security.

Quantum City Promotion

Tasked with exploring cases of use related to social infrastructure development that is intended to implement quantum technology from multiple perspectives; conducting in-depth research; and through demonstration experiments, creating new industries and achieving practical implementation, both domestically and internationally.

Quantum Materials, Devices, and Sensing

Tasked with unleashing the tremendous power of quantum materials, devices, and sensing techniques, we will forge industries’ collaborations with academia. We welcome those who are willing to find out new applications of these quantum-related technologies.

Working Groups

  • mode_standbyPolicy Recommendations Working Group
  • mode_standbyStandardization Recommendations & Alliances Working Group
  • mode_standbyTestbed Collaborations Working Group
  • mode_standbyR&D Collaborations Working Group
  • mode_standbyGlobal Consortium Alliances Working Group
  • mode_standbyLong Term Roadmap Working Group
  • mode_standbyLegal & Compliance Working Group
  • mode_standbyHuman Resource Development Working Group


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